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We believe that learning should be engaging and fun and teach students how to access the skills they need to be successful.


Our curriculum is designed and constantly evaluated so that we can embrace and support our beliefs and work for the benefit of our learners.  The curriculum takes account of the legal requirements of the National Curriculum.  


In order to do this successfully, we follow the Inspire Curriculum (details below), Rising Stars, Val Sabin (PE) supported and enhanced by the Deanes Sports Partnership programme, teaching and materials and Essex SACRE (ExploreRE).  In addition, our science curriculum is enhanced by the Rising Stars science curriculum.  These act as exciting bases for our curriculum.  Teachers plan around the themes to make learning exciting and engaging for our learners.  In turn, this enables us to plan for the needs of all learners in order that they are supported to reach and exceed their potential. 


As previously stated, we ensure that we develop our curriculum to meet the requirements of the National Curriculum as well as national and local guidance (where appropriate) as well as the needs of children.  


Our aim is to provide a curriculum that is inspiring, broad, balanced and differentiated in order to help each child realise their full potential.

Inspire Units


Our rolling programme enables pupils to develop learning and mastery skills.  We want our pupils to see connections and value each subject.  


Please do check the weekly newsletters to see what topic your child is learning at the present time.  The information, below, gives an overview of what will be taught during the topic.


We also develop and enhance our provision by offering culture afternoons, at least termly.  Over the course of the year, we also plan and deliver specific RE, British Values, PSHE, science and English weeks that are tailored to the needs of our pupils at that moment in time.



The St. Mary's Rolling Programme



There has been a huge shift in the teaching of reading over recent years. This is having a enormous impact and helping many children to read and spell effectively. Phonics is recommended as the first reading strategy that children should be taught. At St. Mary's, phonics runs alongside other teaching methods to help children develop vital reading skills and to give them a love of reading and the skills to write and spell skillfully. At St. Mary's, reading and phonics are taught in accordance with the National Curriculum (2014) and Letters and Sounds. We use the Letters And Sounds to help us to do this effectively. All staff at the school have received extensive training and have a shared understanding of how to teach children to read and write and their journey begins in the Early Years Foundation Stage where phonics is introduced using the scheme above. Their journey continues in Key Stage 1 and beyond. Please do contact us for further details of our phonics provision if you need further information.

RE and Collective Worship


As a Church of England Primary school, Religious education is taught in accordance with the Essex agreed syllabus.  Our ethos is firmly rooted in Christianity but we consider that RE provides opportunities not only to explore the Christian faith, but to begin to understand other religions.


It should also provide opportunities for children to reflect on their inner feelings, issues such as caring, sharing, kindness, tolerance and being sensitive to the beliefs of others.


An assembly is held each day which is mainly Christian in nature.  The school enjoys close links with St. Mary's Church.  The Parish Priest regularly leads assemblies and religious services at school.


If you require any further information about our curriculum please telephone the school office on 01245 320505 or email  


Please follow this link to find out about the curriculum we follow:

Our RE scheme of work based on ExploRE