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St Mary's
Church of England Primary School

A learning community dedicated to building
respectful and responsible citizens and empowering all learners.

Curriculum Intent

Curriculum Intent Statement 2021/22 


Our curriculum has been carefully designed and developed by the school community so that everyone’s views are valued.  Our intention is to give children a strong sense of self, place in the community and world, and clear aspirations for the future.  The curriculum at St Mary’s C of E Primary School is underpinned by the Essentials Curriculum by Chris Quigley. The Essentials Curriculum sets out the essential coverage, learning objectives and standards which are required for all subjects. Furthermore, it provides progress measures for all subjects including personal development. 


One of the primary reasons we chose this curriculum is because it emphasises the importance of developing the depth of children’s learning. In essence, this means providing children with increased cognitive challenge, allowing them to apply the skills which they have learnt independently in a range of contexts rather than moving them onto the next skill needlessly when they have not truly mastered it. 


We feel this curriculum provides us with a coherent, progressive and appropriately sequenced curricular structure to enable our pupils to develop subject specific knowledge and skills to prepare them well for the next stages of their education. The curriculum builds progressively on from the learning in the Early Years Foundation Stage. The milestones (1, 2 and 3) that are built into our curriculum complements our mixed age class structure. The curriculum is aligned to the National Curriculum and goes beyond National Curriculum requirements in each milestone to ensure repetition of skills and knowledge. 


We will provide a broad, balanced and bespoke learning experience for all pupils which is ambitious and coherently planned, fit for the needs of our pupils and community.  It will raise aspirations and enable all pupils to excel and achieve their potential.  Our core Christian values are woven through our curriculum, they are the golden thread which enable all pupils to develop their sense of self; broadening and deepening their knowledge and understanding of different cultures, faiths and communities.  We intend for all pupils to have a ‘voice’ and develop their global identify; standing up for what they believe is right. 

RE and Collective Worship


As a Church of England primary school, Religious Education is taught in accordance with the Essex agreed syllabus, Essex ExploRE.  Religious Education encompasses every aspect of school life, contributing to the ethos of the school and affecting relationships with, and attitudes towards, others. Whilst the majority of the content of Religious Education is Christian, the children are helped to become aware of, and respect, other beliefs and faiths.  Our teaching of Religious Education provides opportunities for children to reflect on their inner feelings, discuss issues such as caring, sharing, kindness, tolerance and being sensitive to the beliefs of others.


The school works closely with St. Mary's Church and Rev Carol Ball as well as Ruth Everett, Essex School's Advisor.  

National Curriculum