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Our school's Special Education Needs Coordinator is Mrs C.Hunt and she can be contacted on 01245 320505 or via 

Admissions Criteria and information


Please use the link below to view our admissions criteria.  


Our SENCo, Mrs Hunt, and the staff at St. Mary's will work with parents and carers and other partners (including the Local Authority) to ensure that transition into our school is as smooth as it can be.  Every case is looked at individually and, where appropriate, individual plans are drawn up following consultation.  


Once inside the school, everything is on one level.  However, specific provision is tailored to the individual pupil where appropriate.  

What steps do we take to prevent children with Special Educational Needs children being treated less favourably?


The Special Educational Needs and Disability Code of Practice: 0-5 Years: Statutory Guidance identifies statutory duties placed on the school.  Whenever we take decisions relating to children with Special Educational Needs, we give consideration to the Code of Practice.


We have duty (a moral and a statutory duty) to ensure that our pupils, your children, are not discriminated against.  Therefore, we always aim to make reasonable adjustments (which may include the use of auxiliary aids and services) to ensure that children with Special Educational Needs are not at a disadvantage compared with to their peers.  This may mean that we use the expertise and advice of other services and educational specialists.  We may also use aids and personnel to support learning.  Or, we may use different learning and teaching approaches as we endeavour to meet the needs of the individual pupil. 


For children with disabilities it is important that thought is given in advance to what the pupils may require and what adjustments might need to be made to ensure that they are given the support that they need to succeed.  Our ethos of caring and respect for all means that we aim to actively promote equality of opportunity for children with disabilities. 


Any targets are specific and measurable.  Where necessary we work with other services to support individual need.  However, our staff aim to ensure that arrangements are consistently in place to support pupils with special educational needs to ensure that they get the support that they need.  All of our pupils engage in school activities, this includes children with special educational needs.  Our SENCO (Mrs Hunt)is responsible for co-ordinating and monitoring the effectiveness of our provision for pupils with additional needs and our Admissions arrangements for children with Special Needs are noted above. 


It is important that we regularly review and evaluate the impact of the support we offer to ensure that our pupils with Special Educational Needs succeed. 

Compliments and Complaints


St. Mary’s CofE (VA) Primary School aims to forge strong positive relations with everyone connected with the school and has an “open door policy.”   A Concerns and Complaints Policy is available on the school website for parents should an issue be unresolved. Parents can express their views about the school on the Ofsted Parents View website.