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St Mary's
Church of England Primary School

A learning community dedicated to building
respectful and responsible citizens and empowering all learners.

The School Day

The main school gate will open at 8:45am, parents and carers are asked to escort their child onto the playground.


  • If your child is in Acorn Class, you may walk your child to the bottom gate by their classroom. 
  • If your child is in Chestnut Class, pupils will be met by a member of staff and they will be walked round to their classroom.
  • If your child is in Oak Class, pupils will enter the school via the hall doors and make their way to their classroom.


Due to safeguarding and social distancing measures, it is imperative that no parents or carers go past the bottom playground gate.


We request that the school grounds are evacuated by parents and carers and families by 8.55am as this is when our school gate will close.


Registration is at 9am, after this time, your child will need to access the school via the office.


Our school gates will re-open at 3.05pm at the end of the day and parents and carers are asked to collect their child from the playground at 3.05pm.  Each class will line up ready to meet their parents and carers.


If parents and carers wish to speak to a teacher or member of staff they will be able to do this on arrival or collection but we ask that a longer or more detailed discussion is made by an appointment via the School Office.


Thank you.