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Key Historical Concepts

History - Subject Specific Key Concepts


Disciplinary knowledge is concerned with developing historical rational and critical thinking within enquiry, and can be categorised into 7 Disciplinary concepts that are systematically developed in our history curriculum:


Historical Enquiry - asking questions, using sources and evidence to construct and challenge the past, and communicating ideas

Cause - selecting and combining information that might be deemed a cause and shaping it into a coherent causal explanation

Consequence - understanding the relationship between an event and other future events.

Change and continuity - analysing the pace, nature and extent of change.

Similarity and difference - analysing the extent and type of difference between people, groups, experiences or places in the same historical period.

Historical significance - understanding how and why historical events, trends and individuals are thought of as being important.

Historical interpretations - understanding how and why different accounts of the past are constructed.