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St Mary's
Church of England Primary School

A learning community dedicated to building
respectful and responsible citizens and empowering all learners.

SMSC in Computing & Online Safety

Computing and SMSC

Spiritual development

We encourage the children to explore their own spirituality in Computing, always looking to understand their own interpretation of a given subject Our children understand that perseverance and determination are two of the key learning skills in our school and these are necessary to achieve their greatest potential.


Moral development

Our school ethos lends itself to the development of a moral responsibility for their actions and this is evidenced in their work in all year groups. Respect for the feelings of others combined with a need for constructive and honest criticism when peer evaluating work which will enhance the development of individual work is an area in which our children excel.


Social development

The social responsibility we have to each other is clearly demonstrated in our computing lessons as children are often working in groups and have to communicate in order to design and plan their work together. The children are actively encouraged to celebrate others’ achievements.


Cultural development

Computing is an area in which the children are able to use aspects of other cultures as inspiration. This leads to a greater understanding of different ways of life and a respect for those cultures which may be very different from their own.