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Power 2 Inspire

“Our mission is to embed inclusive sport in the sporting, education and community landscapes.”


We were incredibly privileged to receive a visit from Power 2 Inspire who are an organisation that is passionate about offering everyone the chance to play sport despite disabilities. This organisation was created by John Willis who was born without arms or legs, he spoke of what his life was like, what he had found difficult and what he had accomplished. Having been a solicitor and a Cambridge University graduate, he was now part of Power2Inspire, spreading three key messages, 'Have one more go,' 'Practise makes progress' and, 'I can't do it, yet.' John explained that his biggest hurdles had stemmed from other people's expectations of his abilities - a message he was keen to share with the children that no one else can limit what you do.

Pupil Voice


I had fun; the best bit was playing with the stones and netball. John was good because he was fun to play with. John told us practice makes progress because he was telling us to be kind and keep trying, never give up, try and try again. I was shocked when I saw all the things he does, I would like to do gymnastics.


It was excellent, everyone got to do it and got a high paw (high five) and everyone was kind.


My favourite game was pushing the ball with the bell in. John gave me a certificate because I did well, he said never give up, practice makes progress and you can't do it…yet!