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SMSC in History

History and SMSC


Spiritual development

The study of History involves a sense of curiosity and the mystery of how and why events in the past happened. It also raises questions as to what could have happened if events resulted in different outcomes. Artefacts are used to give children a sense of the past and aid children in understanding the people who produced and used these objects. Children are encouraged to explore the role played by important individuals, for good or ill, in the shaping of the world we live in. Children also reflect upon different interpretations of the past and how these interpretations have been arrived at.


Moral development

Children are asked to consider and comment on moral questions and dilemmas. Events and beliefs in the past will often be at odds with what we would consider unacceptable today. Children will be encouraged to show compassion for people facing dilemmas and to empathise with decisions which people in the past made and the reasoning behind these decisions. Notions of right and wrong are explored in connection with events from the past, linking with the value of justice.


Social development

Children will explore the similarities and contrasts between past and present societies and be made aware of how, in the main, we are very fortunate to live in ‘the modern world’ which links with our Christian value ‘thankfulness’. They will examine how other cultures have had a major impact on the development of ’British’ culture. Children will also be encouraged to build up their own social development through collaborative and team working activities. The study of social issues is a common theme in History lessons.


Cultural development

Children will study, and be encouraged to gain an understanding of and empathise with, people from different cultural backgrounds. They will examine how other cultures have had a major impact on the development of ’British’ culture. Children develop a better understanding of our multicultural society through studying links between local, British, European and world History.