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SMSC in Art & Design

Art & Design and SMSC


Spiritual development

In Art the work of children becomes a spiritual encounter as it develops from the initial learning of skills. They are introduced to the work of great Artists and experience wonder and awe at the achievements of these great works of art. They also experience great admiration and respect for their peers’ work when they see the level of achievement and progress. Pupils understand that this standard of work does not happen immediately but requires endurance. For example– local Artists showcased their work at our annual Art Exhibition this year.


Moral development

Pupils are encouraged to show compassion when assessing the work of others. Understanding how their comments can build up or destroy another’s self belief.  Displays around the school and in classrooms show a variety of different art work from age groups and abilities. This promotes children to be positive about their work and increases self esteem.


Social development

Art and Design frequently requires all pupils to work in pairs, groups or teams. Pupils often work collaboratively requiring cooperation and communication linking to the values of compassion and community.  There are also social aspects in Art from hosting our annual Art Exhibition.  Enrichment enables children from different year groups to work together in collaborative Art projects such as our whole school mural.


Cultural development

Art supports cultural development work by enabling children to study art involving various cultures and civilizations from around the world. They lead to a greater understanding of different ways of life and a respect for cultures that are very different from our own; how they can enrich our own lives. The fusion of art work between our own and other cultures leads to pupils incorporating designs, patterns and motifs in their own work developed by a deeper understanding of the culture.  We participate in the Spirited Arts Competition where, through Art, we celebrate cultures from around the world.